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Format JSON, decode Base64, convert timestamps, debug JWT… with just one click! Native macOS app, work entirely offline

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🧰 What's in the box?

28 developer tools that you will use everyday!

Unix Time ConverterJSON Format/ValidateBase64 Encode/DecodeJWT DebuggerRegExp TesterURL Encode/DecodeQuery String to JSONHTML Entity Encode/DecodeBackslash Escape/UnescapeUUID/ULID Generate/DecodeHTML PreviewText Diff CheckerYAML to JSONJSON to YAMLNumber Base ConverterHTML Beautify/MinifyCSS Beautify/MinifyJS Beautify/MinifyERB Beautify/MinifyLESS Beautify/MinifySCSS Beautify/MinifyXML Beautify/MinifyLorem Ipsum GeneratorQR Code Reader/GeneratorString InspectorJSON to CSVCSV to JSONHash Generator

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✈️ Work Offline

Stop pasting JSON strings, JWT tokens, or sensitive data to random websites online.

DevUtils works entirely offline! Everything you paste into the app never leaves your machine.

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⚡️ Smart Detection

DevUtils automagically detects the right tool based on your clipboard content. For example:

  • ⚡️ 1611241901 ➡ Unix Time Converter
  • ⚡️ {"abc": 123, ...} ➡ JSON Formatter
  • ⚡️ aGVsbG8gd29ybGQ= ➡ Base64 Decoder

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🛠 Feature Rich

💎 Delightful handcrafted native UI

🔍 Powerful search and tool management

🧰 28 developer tools and counting

⚙️ Custom scripts coming soon!

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Love it! I always feel weird pasting my data into random sites
- slugiscool99 via Hacker News

This colleciton of tools is so handy. I use it every day. It's so nice to know that the data is staying on my machine!
- David_FOS via App Store Review

A fantastic tool which saves me from having to remember a myriad web sites, and pasting text into sites of dubious origin.
- DamianMehers via App Store Review

Thank you! Very happy that I purchased this app, love it and use it every day!
- sudo-suhas via GitHub

Wow, I've never so quickly paid for an app that I could otherwise have for free. What a great idea and already-polished product I'm very happy to support.
by Dan Berman via Email Support

Proud purchaser of the app - love it.
- el_don_almighty via Hacker News

DevUtils has made my workflow faster and mind safe. The developer also does a good job receiving feedback and implementing suggestions. Totally worth it!
- Danilo Kleber via App Store Review

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