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DevUtils helps you with your tiny daily tasks with just a single click. It works entirely offline and is open source!

✈️ Work Offline

Stop pasting your JSON strings, JWT tokens, or any potentially sensitive data to random websites online. helps you quickly do your tiny tasks entirely offline! Everything you paste into the app never leaves your machine.

Don't trust me? Build the app from source by yourself.

⚡️ Smart detection

DevUtils automatically selects the right tool based on your clipboard content. Activate the app anytime by:

  • Copy text ► Press Space
    (Or your own customized hotkey, up to you)
  • Copy text ► Click to status bar icon in the status bar
  • Select text ► Right-click ► "Inspect in"
    (This menu appears after you install the app)

All options are configurable in the Preferences panel!

🚀 Feature rich

Delightful handcrafted native UI for many popular developer tools. Scripting ability is coming soon so you can add your own tools/scripts too.

Suggest your favorite tools by dropping me an email at [email protected] or send your own PR via GitHub.

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Love it! I always feel weird pasting my data into random sites
by slugiscool99 via Hacker News

Thank you! Very happy that I purchased this app, love it and use it every day 🎉
by sudo-suhas via GitHub

Proud purchaser of the app - love it.
by el_don_almighty via Hacker News

Wow! Looks very useful. Great job! I can't wait to try it 🖤
by Yevhenii Peteliev via Product Hunt

Just installed, very useful!
by Nick Hammond via Twitter